Birmingham gives also plenty of opportunities

I managed to visit Birmingham two times. First time I tried the thinktank. You find Thinktank in Birmingham university. This building offers floors or children and a floor at the bottom with two huge planes from worldwar 2. The spitfire factory where located in the Aston area. You also see lot of motorcycles like the BSA(Birmingham small arms).

In think-tank you’ve got three floors with exhibitions. First and second floor is most intended for children. This is a picture from first floor where you see wild animals from europe, some fossils and a lot about our body like brain, heart and so on.

On bottom floor you see a spitfire and a hurricane, lot of steam engines, cars, motorcycles and some history about different industries in Birmingham. James Watt lived here during the 18:th century and died in Staffordshire in Birmingham 1819. James Watt became famous for his improvements of the steam engine and the measurements Horsepower plus Watt. You see a lot of different steam engines on this place. Read more about James Watt on wikipedia.

You also see a couple old cars and motorcycles.

This is an Austin seven touring from 1922.

Read more about thinktank on .

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