I’ve been located in Solihul west midlands the last weeks. Cosy little town with friendly people and many shops.

crown plaza solihul

I stayed at a wonderful hotel called Crown Plaza in Solihul. I enjoyed it. Lovely staff, good food and a lot of facilities. Book a room here>>>.

I got a big room with this big balcony. I show you a roundtrip of balcony:

center of solihul

Solihul center looked like a village with small interesting shops, cafées, pubs, restaurants and supermarkets. This is High street in Solihul.

trainstation solihul

I saw a lot of older buildings in the city like this railwaystation. You are actually able to get all the way to London in less then 90 minutes from this station. see more on railwaystation.uk.co .

Close to the railwaystation you are also able to go by these double deckers.

Austin cab

These Austin cabs are still popular in UK but it looks like they are changing to electric vehicles like Volvos. This is a picture from Birmingham airport where you also had an option using line x12. Another importing thing about taxi in UK is that it is not everyone that accept credit cards. So if you are out of cash and just got money on your credit card ask the driver or hotel first.

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